Looking to the Future 

As our Ministry Staff and Elders have sought the Lord for the future of Grace, several shared convictions have become clear . . . 

  1. We believe there are thousands of lost people across the Central Coast who desperately need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  
  2. We believe Gospel-centered ministry & teaching need to spread on the Central Coast. 
  3. We believe Grace exists to live the Gospel to the glory of God by helping people find & follow Jesus.   
  4. We believe God has blessed Grace with financial & people resources so that we might be & bring a Gospel blessing to the Central Coast.    
  5. We believe the ministry God is calling us to is not limited to our current campus. 
  6. We believe God’s heart for His people & His church is GO & GROW! (Genesis 1:28, Matthew 28:18-20, Matthew 16:18)

So what NOW?  What's NEXT? 

We’re convinced the future of Grace Central Coast does not lie in bigger buildings, nor in more services, but in MORE LOCATIONS. 


Our vision is to help people find & follow Jesus on the Central Coast
by becoming “one church meeting on multiple campuses.” 

There are 8000 multisite churches in the United States and many more around the world.  And that number is growing.  We believe a move to multisite ministry creates new opportunities and advantages including. . . 

  • more outreach AND more maturity 
  • grow larger AND grow smaller
  • move there AND stay here
  • less cost AND greater impact
  • new church vibe AND big church resources 
  • more diversity AND more unity

How many locations? 

The Five Cities campus launched on October 4, 2015.  
4 years later, the North County campus launched on Sept. 8, 2019.
Where will God lead us next?

How does “one church meeting in multiple locations” work?

  • All campuses will SHARE:  Gospel-centered teaching, DNA & ministry philosophy,  one elder team, covenant membership, centralized administrative & financial functions. 
  • All campuses will HAVE:  a site pastor, other staff as needed, live worship, growth groups, children’s ministry, student ministry, localized outreach & service.

3 Ways You Can Join the Vision . . . 

  1. PRAY for the spread of the Gospel, our outreach to the Central Coast, and God’s blessing & provision.
  2. GIVE to the vision by increasing your giving to our Ministry Fund Budget. 
  3. GO.  Live missionally by attending and serving Grace5Cities.  Or stay at serve at GraceSLO.  If you live in the North Coast communities of Los Osos, Morro Bay, Cayucos or Cambria, let us know your interest in our future GraceNorthCoast Campus. 

A Way Forward

Moving to multisite creates significant opportunities and advantages, but will bring with it challenges and changes.    Change is hard and there will be grief as we surrender and sacrifice for the spread of the Gospel on the Central Coast. Whether we 'go' or 'stay' we will become a 'church on mission' to the Central Coast as we GO local.   We believe multisite is the best way forward for Grace Central Coast to help people find & follow Jesus.