Caring & Committed to One Another 

At Grace Central Coast, we're convinced worship with, service in, commitment and accountability to a local church is vital for those who follow Jesus Christ.  The New Testament knows no Christians who are not connected to and committed to a local church.  God has not called us to trust Jesus Christ and walk with Him alone, but together with one another.  In our increasingly individualistic and consumeristic age, we see Covenant Membership as a valuable tool to express our care and commitment to one another here at Grace.

Our desire is to welcome all who trust the person and finished work of Jesus Christ into fellowship at Grace Central Coast.  The purpose of Covenant Membership is not exclusion, but welcome, clarity and commitment.  We want you to know what we're committed to and how you can be involved.   

What are the requirements for Covenant Membership?

  • A personal, expressed trust in the person and saving work of Jesus Christ 
  • Baptism (Grace Central Coast is open on time, place and mode)
  • 17 years of age or older

  • 4 hour membership class
  • Read & sign our Grace Central Coast Covenant
  • “Get to know you” conversation with one of our leadership

How do I become a Covenant Member?  

Step #1:  Attend a Membership Class

Step #2:  Get baptized (if needed)

Step #3:  Read & Sign the Grace Central Coast Covenant 

Step #4:   Schedule a “Get to Know You Conversation” with one of our 

Step #5:  Be recognized and affirmed with other members  in a worship service

Our Grace Central Coast Covenant

Our Commitments to One Another in the Sight of God

The basis of our commitment to and caring for one another is the Gospel. The Gospel is the great news of salvation by grace alone through faith alone in the finished work of Jesus Christ alone. Trusting the Gospel involves actively trusting, following, and obeying Jesus in every area of life. This is what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ. As disciples, following Jesus is not something we do alone, but together with others in a caring and committed community of a local church.

As a disciple of Jesus Christ and member of Grace Central Coast, I will joyfully endeavor to live together with others in our church, through the following commitments:

  1. I will rejoice in the grace of God in the Gospel, privately and corporately, giving thanks to our heavenly Father for the sacrifice of His Son, for the forgiveness of our sins, and for the gift of the Holy Spirit who empowers us to believe and live for the glory of God.
  2. I will seek to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ by devoting myself to the study of and obedience to the Scriptures and to prayer.
  3. I will seek to participate regularly in corporate worship services and in small group contexts the church provides, recognizing the importance of corporate worship and Christian community in my spiritual growth.
  4. I will live together with my brothers and sisters in love, even as God has loved us. I will seek their good through relationships that promote faith, holiness, worship, sound doctrine, service to and sharing with the surrounding community. I will, as God enables me, care for my brothers and sisters in Christ in distress, sickness and poverty.
  5. I will seek to spread the Gospel locally and globally, by serving and supporting the church’s ministries through regular giving of my time, talents, energy, and finances.
  6. I have read and will abide by the Grace Central Coast Declaration of Faith.
  7. I will honor and uphold marriage as a reflection of Christ’s relationship with His church and, if gifted with children, endeavor to raise my children in the ways and Word of the Lord. I have read and will abide by the Grace Commitment to Preserving Marriages.
  8. I will pursue reconciliation when offense occurs between myself and another member. I have read and will abide by the Grace Commitment to Peacemaking and Reconciliation.
  9. I will be accountable and hold others accountable for the practice of faith and obedience to the Scriptures. I have read and will abide by the Grace Commitment to Accountability and Church Discipline.


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