What is a Growth Group and how do they work?

Simply put, it's the best way to get involved and grow in your faith here at Grace.

They let us know and be known by others as we experience living the Gospel together. We truly believe that Gospel transformation happens in the context of small groups where real relationships can be experienced and deepened.

Growth Groups are the primary place for discipleship in the life of our church. They are small groups of people who meet weekly and focus on 3 identities as we help people find and follow Jesus together.

1. Family.  Because we are a part of God's family and adopted by God our Father, we seek to be the family of God together. Being a family means growing in our faith together, praying with and for one another, and caring for each other like a family. Sometimes that means sharing a meal or watching someone's kids or celebrating a birthday. 

2. Servant.  Because we were served by Jesus to the point of his death on the cross for us, we seek to serve others in our group and our larger community. We encourage each of our groups to find a place in our community that they can adopt and begin to show the love of Jesus through service. 

3. Missionary.  Because we are given the same Holy Spirit as the early disciples and Jesus himself, we too are God's missionaries and witnesses in the world. We believe that mission is most effective when done by a family of servants. We don't want to send lonely missionaries into our communities and workplaces, but rather groups of committed people who love one another and show that to the world around them.

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Is it worth it? Here is what people at Grace are saying about Growth Groups.

“When I first came to Grace in 2008 I knew one person, my sister. After a number of months, my wife and I joined a Growth Group of complete strangers. We were in that group for 5 years and now those people are some of our best friends. It literally changed our lives. We then led a young marrieds group at our home in SLO where we got to live life together and help couples navigate the early years of marriage. We're now starting a new Growth Group in North County. Growth Groups are a must. You can't afford not to join one!” - North County Campus Pastor Miles Nelson

“​I'm at home most of the time with 5 little ones and it can be hard to get out and fellowship. By having a weekly meeting I am forced to be in community with others and no matter how difficult it is to prepare for, it is always worth it and I always feel blessed at the end of the night. Growth groups have given me friends in a season of life when meeting new people and developing relationships can be challenging.” - Jenny Nanninga, former Young Marrieds Growth Group Leader

“​Growth Groups are a great way to divert my thinking from all the tasks at hand, slow down and grow in my knowledge and love of God. It's also a great way to build relationships with the other believers involved.” - Dayton Muxlow, recent Cal Poly grad, and former College Co-Ed Growth Group Leader