Our NEXT Vision

In Spring 2019, Grace Central Coast embarked upon a new two year vision and giving initiative that we're calling NEXT.   This is our vision to help more people across the Central Coast to help people find and follow Jesus.  Over the next two years, our goal is to raise a total of $9.4 million dollars to accomplish 4 strategic outreach objectives: 

  1. NEXT Ministry  |  $4M  |  Our normal operating budget for two years. 
  2. NEXT Campus Launch for the North County Campus |  $500K  |   Start up and operating budget for the launch of North County Campus in Fall 2019
  3. NEXT Campus Purchase for Five Cities Campus   |  $3.8M  |  The purchase of 995 East Grand in Arroyo Grande to serve as new and permanant campus for Five Cities. 
  4. NEXT Campus Improvements at the SLO Campus  |  $1.1M  |  Key and much needed improvements at our historic downtown SLO Campus.  

To join the 800 people who have committed to our NEXT vision so far, you can fill out your commitment card HERE.  For more detailed information about our NEXT Vision, CLICK HERE. 

Our Elders are seeking and trusting God.  We are moving forward as God provides.  Here's the very latest NEXT vision giving update:

For the next two years, anything and everything given to Grace Central Coast supports our NEXT Vision.  If you choose the convenience of giving online, we will ask you to identify your campus, but that is only for tracking services.  Practically, we share one budget.  We are one Gospel family with one Gospel future.