G3 Shepherd Training: Winter 2012

G3 Shepherd Training for the week of 03-18-12

Tim Theule,Tim Arlen | James 2:14-26 | 3/18/2012

This Sunday we’ll consider “Works” from James 2:14-26 as we continue our series, “Living Faith: A Look at James”.

G3 Shepherd Training for the week of 03-04-12

Tim Theule,Tim Arlen | | 3/4/2012

This Sunday we wrap up our annual Missions Conference week. I hope you and your flock have been challenged to greater faithfulness to the Great Commission as you’ve heard the exciting reports of our missionaries this week. Let’s challenge our people once again to be and make disciples who will make disciples as you discuss the insights and experiences of our recent short-term team to India.

G3 Shepard Training for the week of 02/26/12

Tim Theule,Tim Arlen | Psalm 22:27 | 2/26/2012

This is the first of two Missions Conference Sundays bookending perhaps the most unusual week in our church calendar. Pastor Tim and I have given you lots of suggestions and advice for having an outstanding growth group this week as you welcome the Grace missionary(ies) and perhaps other Grace visitors into your group. I strongly encourage you to take a listen…

G3 Shepherd Training for the week of 02-12-12

| James 1:12-18 | 2/12/2012

Our preacher this Sunday, Steve Leonard, has been out of town all week, so there will be No Audio Support for this message. However, after listening carefully to the sermon, taking good notes, and prayerfully yielding your understanding and your leadership to the Holy Spirit, you will have a very fruitful time of growth this week in your groups. He is faithful!

G3 Shepherd Training for the week of 02-05-12

Tim Fox,Tim Arlen | James 1:9-11 | 2/5/2012

I am expecting a “super” Sunday (pun intended!) service of worship and week of growth groups. This is the context where we are learning what we need most in life; how to live in and submit to God’s reality. I’m praying you shepherds will set the tone in your groups with “real” sharing that is transparent and vulnerable, real shepherding that truly loves and cares, real accountability for growth in righteousness that is both gracious and steadfast, and real prayer that asks boldly in faith. May you relish the riches of His grace together this week!

G3 Shepherd Training for the week of 01-29-12

Tim Theule,Tim Arlen | James 1:2-4 | 1/29/2012

We are well underway now in our new session of growth in grace and faith. What a privilege to partner with God in fulfilling His plan to make disciples at Grace! God is using your faithful shepherding to help our dear people submit to His lordship, be transformed into His image, and bear the fruits of salvation in the lives of others. May you experience great joy and divine favor this week in this exciting journey!

G3 Shepherd Training for the week of 01-22-12

Tim Theule,Tim Arlen | James 1:2-4 | 1/22/2012

I’m trusting your groups got off to a good start this week and you’re eager to settle into your routine of growth. Don’t hesitate to call again those who did not make it to the group this first week…some folks just need that little extra, loving nudge! I’m praying your sheep will look forward each week to your gentle and wise shepherding and will be consistent in attendance.

G3 Shepherd Training for the week of 01-15-12

Tim Theule and Tim Arlen | James 1:1 | 1/15/2012

“Ready…Set…Here We Go Again, Shepherds…!” I’m excited for what the Lord will do in and through our lives together as we continue afresh this winter connecting, caring, and committing with one another. God is faithful, and God is so good! I’m trusting He will meet with you on that first regathering to create an atmosphere of love, warmth, and acceptance in His incomparable joy and grace!